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Ritenour Huskies Jr Football


Mission Statement
The Jr. Huskies strive to train young people in the sport of football, preparing them for advance level future play within a culture of integrity, fairness. and good sportsmanship, through the teaching of proper techniques and the observation of all current rules, regulations, and guidelines of the league and the sport of football itself.

Disclosure Statement
The Jr. Huskies operate under a strict policy of total disclosure. As such, all reports, statements, and records pertaining to the Jr. Huskies or its operations are completely available upon request to all persons with a proven interest in the program.

Program Structure
Under a system of checks and balances, and through a policy of total disclosure,the Jr. Huskies are managed by a group of dedicated volunteers, and governed by a seven (7) person board of directors, the members of which having been elected from among our parents, coaches, members, and friends.

Board of Directors
The Board of Directors is comprised of a seven (7) person team, with the President of the program, serving as Chairperson. Board members are elected from among the current members of the program to serve a one (1) year term, and are/will be elected each spring. Each board member will subsequently be expected to serve in an official capacity and are the primary decision makers for the program.
Official roles of the Board of Directors include...
Vice Chairperson
Equipment ManagerĀ 

Program Membership
Program membership is available to all persons on a nondiscriminatory basis, and is thereby granted to each person after the fulfillment of the set criteria for being nominated or elected to occupy official roles, coaching positions, or board membership.

All persons with a proven interest in the program are eligible to participate in any nomination or election process. But only those persons that are current members the program are eligible to occupy officialroles, coaching positions, or board membership.

The Jr. Huskies are a non-profit organization that is totally funded by the cost ofplayer registration, membership dues, and voluntary donations from friends, sponsors,and supporters.